Candidate’s Responsibility in Archiving Documentation 

It is highly recommended that each
Candidate maintain a complete file of all case reports; class
progression forms; supervisory forms; analytic recording hours report
forms; and any other correspondence related to the Candidate’s
progression at ICP. This documentation will ensure that the Candidate’s
records and the ICP administrative records are consistent when the
Candidate is considered for graduation.  It is the Candidate’s
responsibility to send a copy of all their completed reports to the ICP

Candidate File Tracking Form (For Candidate’s Use)



At the end of each academic year, an
Advisor Report form will be sent to the Advisor in preparation for a
meeting between the Advisor and the Candidate. This meeting provides an
opportunity for the Candidate and Advisor to review the Candidate’s
experience during the academic term and address any questions or
concerns that may arise. Following this meeting, the Advisor Report form
is completed and must first be reviewed and signed by the Candidate
before being sent to the ICP administrative office. 

Candidate Responsibilities

Advisor Responsibilities

Advisor Report



Corresponding to the three case reports written by the Candidate, there are supervisory reports written by the Supervisor. These reports are due on April 15th and October 15th and take into consideration the Candidate’s respective case reports.
Further, the supervisory reports reflect on the Candidate’s participation in the analytic process and on the Candidate’s growth as a maturing clinician. This report is first signed by the Candidate and Supervisor and then sent to the Candidate and the ICP administrative office. The Candidate must forward a copy to the Advisor.  When a Candidate has completed their supervision for a control case the Supervisor needs to sign a Confirmation of Supervision Completion form and send a copy to the ICP administration office and the Candidate. The Candidate needs to send a copy of the completed form to their Advisor. Please also refer to the content of the CCR assessment form included in the Supervision Agreement to see the objectives against which candidates will be assessed.

Supervisory Report

Supervisory Agreement

Confirmation of Supervision



This form is for the Advisor, Analyst, and Candidate only.  The ICP office does not keep record of this form. The same form is used for recording the training analysis psychoanalytic sessions and for extra analytic hours during a supervised control case.



Case reports are due on March 1st and September 1st of each year. The distribution of case reports is as follows: Candidates give a copy of all case reports to their Supervisors, Advisor, and sends a copy to the ICP administration office. All Control Case Reports must start with the information on the below listed Control Case First Page Copy and Paste Template. The Candidate needs to have each Control Case sign the ICP Candidate Disclosure Form and keep the signed copy in their own records.  The Candidate must complete the Control Case Certification Form for each Control Case and send a copy to their Advisor and the ICP administration office.


Control Case Certification Form


ICP Candidate Disclosure Form


Control Case Report First Page Requirements-Copy and Paste Template