The Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis offers Candidates in the 4 Year academic program the opportunity to apply for several scholarships and loans. These scholarships and loans are currently awarded on a year-by-year basis, so eligible candidates apply each year to be eligible for consideration.

List of ICP Scholarship Opportunities

For more information and submission due dates contact Dr. Gordon Berger

Tuition Loans

An important and continuing goal of the ICP Board of Directors is to provide funds whenever possible for those who might otherwise find the financial constraints of ICP candidacy too burdensome to manage. Assistance is provided on an annual basis; candidates wishing continued support must apply for assistance each year. Applications for scholarships and loans at ICP are evaluated solely on the basis of need. Incomplete or partially filled out applications may not be considered by the Scholarship and Loan Committee.

The Committee requires three documents from you in order to make the best possible evaluation of your financial needs in comparison with those of other candidates:

  1. The Personal Financial Statement (3 pages) – All questions on this form must be
    answered, or, where not applicable, marked N/A.
  2. A Narrative Statement (typed) – Summarizing your reasons for requesting a tuition
    loan or scholarship support. This statement should indicate whether you have
    financial dependents; whether your spouse/partner (if any) will or can share some of the
    financial burden of your candidacy at ICP; a description of your current work load and
    any factors which prelude your working more hours; and any unusual, extenuating or
    catastrophic circumstances which affect your ability to meet the financial responsibilities
    of candidacy. While this statement need not be lengthy, it provides us with narrative
    data to understand and organize the numbers presented in the Personal Financial
    Statement (see above). You should indicate in the Narrative Statement whether you
    are applying for a scholarship, tuition loan, or both. If further information is
    required, an interview with you may be requested.
  3. A copy of your most annual IRS tax return. Note that we now require the entire tax
    return for evaluation purposes. This document is required to help us better understand
    the data furnished in the Personal Financial Statement.

The Fellowship and Loan Committee, as well as the ICP Board of Directors, are keenly aware of
the sensitive and confidential nature of each person’s finances. Please be assured that any
information you furnish in your application will be kept totally confidential, and that each of the
three documents required for this application will be destroyed once our evaluation has been
completed. Please mark “Confidential” on the application envelope and address to: Fellowship
and Loan Committee, ICP; 10780 Santa Monica Blvd., Ste. 350; Los Angeles, CA 90025-4779.

Ethnic Minority Fund

That same commitment ICP has to core values led to establishing a Ethnic Minority Scholarship Fund, an initiative designed to increase the number of ethnic minorities entering psychoanalytic training at ICP. This fund is intended to help correct a significant inequity – the lack of ethnic diversity that has characterized the psychoanalytic profession as a whole. There are only 50 African-American psychoanalysts in the entire U.S. – and only three practicing in Los Angeles, one of the most racially and ethnically diverse communities in the world. Similar numbers relate the Asian and Hispanic Communities as well. The mostly white racial uniformity of psychoanalytic practitioners has failed to reflect the unique and particular experiences of ethnic minority individuals, which in turn has led to the virtual exclusion of psychoanalytic treatment as a viable option to ethnic minority individuals.

The goal of ICP’s Minority Scholarship Fund is to attract and enable qualified ethnic minority candidates to obtain psychoanalytic training at ICP. Recipients of the scholarship, in turn, will be expected to provide training or direct service to mental health agencies with proven track records of serving ethnic minority communities. ICP feels confident that offering financial assistance will serve as an important incentive for many talented and qualified ethnic minority therapists for whom psychoanalytic training has been financially prohibitive. Many ethnic professionals serve populations that are economically marginalized, reducing their earnings and thus their ability to afford training they might otherwise pursue.

This scholarship may be applied for during the Admissions process.

Please submit your Application in writing, all necessary financial documents included, to:

ICP, 10780 Santa Monica Blvd., Ste. #350 Los Angeles CA 90025

If you have any questions please contact the ICP office at (310) 207-8441.